Brewery Service

Our service for your brewery plant

Part 1:
Brewery business starting consulting and proposal developing

Tiantai company has collected a lot of experience from various breweries all over the world and these information are still updated continuously. Our representives will help you figure out a most suitable proposal for you. Don’t worry about the communication because our sales representives are not only able to talk about money, but will talk about your demand and your request. They all have been trained by professional craft brewing system knowledge. Maybe not knowledgeable as you, but be able to understand you well.

Part 2:
Customerized brewery system design

Beside OEM, Tiantai company established their own technician team. This team is the brain of the whole company. All brewery projects should be designed here and then instruct to put into practice. The whole brewing flow chart diagram, the tanks assembling drawing, the floor plan blue print, the electrical diagram, the 3D visual brewery structure and all specifications list all come from them. It doesn’t matter that you are not able to make drawing. Tell us your request, we make it.

Part 3:
Brewery tanks shipping

Buying brewery plant abroad is really a complicate thing. How can the tanks be transported from the factory which is thousands kms far away. Take it easy! International business has been very convenient and easy under the globalization. We have reliable cooperatin with shipping company and forwarders. They have office in most of the countries all over the world. We may send the containers loaded tanks to your sea port or directly to your door. Brewery tanks delivery is not hard. 

Part 4:
Brewery equipment installation

We have our own engineers who will be sent to install your brewery system. They are the same people who do the final checking work, packaging work, container loading work for the whole goods. All tickets, visa will be done here in advance to keep an in-time installation. Some installation is done locally without our engineers. We will supply the installation instruction and ready to solve any trouble during installation by yourself or your contract company.

Part 5:
Brewery system guarantee

One small part or problem may stop your brewing. A good guarantee service for the brewery system will help avoid a lot. Tiantai company provide a 1 to 5 years guarantee period for the tanks and parts. Enough spare parts are calculated for each system to make sure there is replaceable parts already in your shelf. Of course, we will also suggest a spare parts list for your storage shelf. Everything must be perpared well to avoid any potential problems or small troulbe may bring big lost.

Part 6:
Brewery machine maintenance

Brewery equipment must be looked after well with good maintenance. Our company supply professional instruction for maintenance of tanks, pumps, pipings, fitting, electronical parts etc. Our engineers are ready to do visiting maintenance service. You love beer, we love beer equipment.