What is Hopgun?

helen 2017-11-10

What is Hopgun? And what is the function during brewing?

Today, more and more brewmaster would like to use some extra device to help to add more hop aroma to their beer, such as the Hopback, the Hopgun.. The Hopback has already a common device during brewing, many people know it will help to add hop aroma to the wort instead of beer. That is what Hopgun will do during brewing.

Tantai designed Hopgun mainly with capacity 60L and 80L. The removable wheels makes it easily to be used anywhere. These two sight glass installed on the tank body will be easily for you to check what is going on inside of it. The top of the tank installed with pressure gauge, safe valve etc. Of course the air connector for CO2 as well..  The inner filter accuracy is about 100um, it will do a good separation job during working. And the turbulence inside of the hopgun will do a better dissolving of hop aroma.

Please feel free to email me if you have any interest!

Edited by Laura
Sales Manager in Tiantai Company
Email: trade@cnbrewery.com

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