The extractum constitutes in the wort

helen 2017-11-10

The extractum constitutes in the wort

In the process of mashing, it mainly produce starch decomposition product as follows:

1.Glucose:Resolved by yeast at earliest( primary fermentable sugar )

2.Maltose and others disaccharide:Can be resolved by yeast faster and better( main fermentable sugar )

3.Maltotriose: Can be fermented by high fermentation yeast. Only when maltose finish
Fermenting, which is in the stage of storaging (after fermentable sugar)

4.Dextrin:It can not ferment, which is mainly ingredients to form residul sugar.

In the process of mashing, the function of each enzyme decide the fermentable ratio in the wort, which decide the finally fermentation level, however finally fermentation level decide alcohol content and characteristics in the beer.

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