Compare step mash and decoction

helen 2018-03-03

Compare step mash and decotion

In normal brewing, step mash and decotion are two common mashing method. So, what’s the difference? Let’s make a simple comparison about them.

1.Brewhouse structure
Step mash: Only one mash tun could support mashing.
Decotion: At lease two kits. One for mashing, one for boiling.
For our beer equipment, normal two vessel brewhouse could already support both step mash and decotion. Two vessel brewhouse: Mash/lauter tun+kettle/whirlpool tun+hot liquor tank.
Make decotion with three or four vessel will works better.

Decotion is more complex than step mash because extra step to move wort for boiling is necessary. At the same time, decotion has longer working time, needing bigger production cost.

Decotion take larger footprint due to use of one more tank. Of course, if make decotion with two vessel brewhouse is acceptable. No foot area request difference.

4.Raw material quality
Step mash: Nice quality malt is necessary. Miller level quality malt is not recommended given the beer taste. Auxiliary is optional.
Decotion: Middle level quality is also workable. Auxiliary is available.

5.Malt utilization
Step mash: more than 95%
Decotion: more than 98%

6.Wort Characteristic
Step mash: Wort contain more sugar and less protein and other middle molecule particle.
Decotion: Reasonable wort contents. Proportion of sugar and non-sugar is under control handily.
More protein and middle molecule particle.

Welcome to email me for further discussion and check difference in our tank structure.

Edited by Nicole
Sales manager of Tiantai company.

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