The main advantages of heat exchanger

helen 2018-03-03

The main advantages of heat exchanger

Heat exchanger with higher heat exchange efficiency, small floor space occupy, easy to operate and management, other types cooling machine can not compare with it.

1)High heat conductivity. Due to plate structure of heat exchanger can make turbulence and provide higher heat transfer efficiency with lower pressure loss.

2)High flexibility. For original tube heat exchanger, it almost can not increase cooling area when need to increase throughput. But plate heat exchanger can change plate quantities according to capacity, thus saving expensive equipment investment.

3)Compact structure, small floor space. Due to compact structure, higher heat transfer efficiency, the plate heat exchanger needed cooling area only 1/3 of tube heat exchanger in same heat load.

4)Lower product capacity. There have lower liquid residual in heat exchanger, thus with faster on/off operation compare with normal heat exchanger.

5)Free-glue seal. Put the seal in trench and fixed by pressed gap, which have high pressure resistance ability. It can fast and convenient replace.

6)Additional safe design. Special plate structure with seal can avoid medium mixing in any cases, two liquid are separated by double seal between inlet/outlet face, improve heat exchange safety.

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