Glycol cooling system brewery- STS glycol pipe

helen 2018-03-24

Glycol cooling system brewery- STS glycol pipe

We have met some customers who hope stainless steel glycol piping for their new brewery setup.

We normally connect the STS glycol pipe in two ways:

1.One way is that we supply the long STS tubes according to the confirmed layout and include all the valves in package for shipping. After arrival, the customers need to employ local workers to measure, cut and weld the STS pipes on sight. So it ensures the 100% perfect connection of the pipe among the tanks.
But most time, it is not easy for customers to find the suitable workers locally.

2.The other way is that we measure, cut and connect the hard pipes in advance in our factory, and disassemble the pipes before delivery. After arrival, our engineer connect the hard pipes via triclamps. This sounds nice. But there is also risk that the pipes are failed to be reassembled in the brewery if the brewery space is too complex, or the floor is not same condition with the floor in our factory. So for this condition the brewery space condition should be as simple as possible: 1) The brewery floor area must be flat ,no angle, so we can easily make sure that the pre-connected STS pipe fit the floor area in the brewery. 2) The fermenting area should be empty, no obstacle which might bring Uncertainty for the STS pipe design.


Stainless steel pipes is very expensive and it is more used in big brewery setup.
In microbrewery under 5000L or even 7000L, another good choice is to use UPVC-SCH80 on the main pipe, and use soft pipe on branch routs. It is more economical than stainless steel pipe (more expensive than PPR) but most easy to install.

Edited by Jana Wang
Sa;es manager

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