How to make wort filtration better and smoother in high gravity wort making process?

helen 2020-05-30

How to make wort filtration better and smoother in high gravity wort making process?

Here are some proposals how to make wort filtration better and smoother under 30%amount of grain feeding.

A.Take 2000l lauter tun for example, we have enlarged the diameter of mash/lauter tun according to 600+kg grain feeding, it’s 2000mm. Under this diameter, we can get approximately 35mm spent grain bed, that’s good for wort circulation and filtration.

B.The wort outlets TC with extended collection rings will also provide good help to deal with the STUCK problem.

C.Grant is equipped between mash tun and wort heat exchager. Both gravity filtration and pump automatic filtration(level control) can be approached.

D.Honestly speaking, the 8-10% ABV for grain spirit is really very high and difficult. I can image the viscosity of wort is very high, that have bad effects on filtration. If the wheat is also in your grain bill, and wheat doesn’t have husk.
So I propose maybe you can buy some rice husk to add into mash tun to help take shape a good and thicker mash filtration bed.

E.40 ℃ rest step is necessary for common quality barely and wheat. Some protein enzymes have best activity and start to convert the protein into amino acid under this temp, the kind of substance is very very important for yeast fermenting. (Certainly, 53℃ and 65℃ are more important for mashing.)
Moreover, we feed the grain into water under roughly 40℃, we can get better wort for final alcohol.
For beer brewing, we use 42℃ for 15mins, 53℃ for 60mins, 65℃ for 70mins, 72℃ for 20mins and 78℃ for 3mins. Hope this is helpful for you.

If you don’t need the wheat to mash, the 40℃ rest can be removed.

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