Tinker Tailor Brewery in New Zealand --20 BBL Microbrewery equipment

helen 2017-12-06

Tinker Tailor Brewery in New Zealand
--20 BBL Microbrewery equipment

Part 1 Configuration overview

Tinker Tailor Brewery is installed as a brewery factory to manufacture beers for other beer brands in New Zealand. So if you plan to expand your beer but do not have equipment, then you could try to contact Tinker Tailor Brewery. This is our first brewery in New Zealand! Thanks so much for the trust and hard work of Tim and John. They are owners of this great brewery and they are very nice people.

The main configurations mainly include:
20BBL three vessel brewhouse: mash tun, lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool tun.
3500L Hot liquor tank
1x3500L cold liquor tank
4x40BBL fermentation tanks
1x40BBL bright beer tank
1x3000L glycol water tank, chillers, piping etc.
Control panel: brewhouse control panel, fermentation control panel
Cleaning tank: Alkali tank and sterile water tank
Manual keg washer
Automatic keg filler

Part 2 Special design:

1. To save the budget, the owner hesitated a lot and finally decided to give up steam heating. So all the mash tun, KWT, and HLT are with direct fire heating option (3 x burners are required).
2.1x3500L CLT is included for cooling wort; So the glycol water tank can be smaller to cool the fermenters&brite tank only.
3.The three-vessel brewhouse enable a decoction mashing solution. However, sicne the mash tun is heated with direct fire, the brewmaster should be more careful to heat the mash liquid to avoid scorching.

Part 3 Timeline overview of this brewery project:

2017-3-14: John firstly found us from our promoting information on website by accident, and sent us a very very short email to inquire 10HL-12 HL brewery. Then we replied quickly but did not get much attention from John for almost half year.

2016-7-13: Johm’s partner, Tim was recommended to us by one of our old customer. Tim simply describe his plan for building up a brewery in his email. At that time, he was hesitating among 10HL brewery, 15 HL  brewery, and 20 HL brewery.

2016-7 to 2016-12: Just like most of our other projects, this is a Intermittent communication process. John and Tim already had their initial plan themselves actually--they prefer bigger volume but smaller budget. So we tried to pay more attention on the most practical design without any flashy design--for example, the brewhouse has three vessels for 2-3 batches per day, and it is suitable for decoction mashing; the control level just very normal to be able to control/maintain the temperatures, no PLC, no pneumatic valves; manual spent grain draining rather than automatic draining; No hopper/grist case, no auger, as this can all be done well manually; The only two small pity are for this 20bbl brewery, the steam heating is actually ideal, however we finally had to chose direct fire heating due to the limited budget; if the cold liquor tank should be bigger to cool the wort quickly. Tim and John also had hesitated a lot on this two things, however we finally compromised to the limited budget.

2016-12 to 2017-4: We manufacture the tanks and proceed the order.

2016-4 to 2017-6: We took photos for inspecting of the customers. Then we changed position of the plate heat exchanger to allow easier touching on the hard piping. When all is ready, this whole brewery was loaded and shipped.

2017-7: The brewery arrived New Zealand. We will communicate the engineer service schedule.

20 BBL Microbrewery equipment Tinker Tailor Brewery in New Zealand