What is Parti-gyle?

helen 2017-07-31

What is Parti-gyle?

Parti-gyle is a traditional way of sparging and boiling wort. It is the traditional mashing procedure of mashing grains with two or even three infusions of water, resulting in successively weaker beers. Each beer is run off to its own pot, or gyle. And so two or more different beers can be made from the same mash by adding different hops and yeast. It is technique that has been used for hundreds or thousands of years.

Why is Parti-gyle so popular for thousands years?
For example, if we brew 19L beer with 5KG malt, it is hardly to break through 6%ABV as the brewing efficiency is around 70%. How could we do if we want to get 10% ABV?
Normally we will consider below way:
1.Increase the malt ratio
2.Reduce the finally wort volume
3.Add other fermentable sugars

Parti-gyle is a technique that we can get two separate wort_the first extract high sugar wort and the sparging low sugar wort. The first extract high sugar wort get a high alcohol level beer, while the sparging low sugar wort can get a low alcohol by adding different different hops and yeast.

So what kinds beer are suitable for Parti-gyle?
Belgium triple/Pilsner
Belgium triple/light ale
Belgium stingo Gloden ale/Kolsch
Imperial Stout

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