The technical parameters of hot break separation

helen 2020-05-30

The technical parameters of hot break separation

The goal to separate hot coagulum with whirlpool tank is: Wort turbidity < 10EBC; Wort solid particles < 25mg/L. The hot coagulum complete separate, which can shape dome body well. To reach such goal, there have some parameters need to notice:

1.Wort Heating Time
Heating time need short. The total time need to less 60 minutes from finish wort boiling to pump wort into whirlpool tank until end sediment.

2.Hot Wort Pumping
1)The wort pumping should stable, slow and avoid cavitation, or it will shape shear force to destroy coagulum.
2)The pumping speed of wort should not fast and over 5m/s. Normally, lower pumping speed is enough to reach good whirlpool effect.
3)After wort pump into whirlpool tank, the pump should stop immediately in case feed into air and shape bubble.

3.Hot Wort Flow Out
The wort should stay in whirlpool tank for 20-40 minutes, but it can not less 20 minutes.

4.Second Flow of Hot Wort
The second flow of hot wort may roll up the sediment, and the force will destroy the coagulum. It will influence the whirlpool effect and coagulum separation. The better way is to control wort inlet speed at 3.5-5m/s.

5.The Measure to Improve Whirlpool Effect
Adding extra wort circulation pump for whirlpool tank, so we can circulate the wort again for 5 minutes with the pump after finish wort pumping. It can improve the separate effect of whirlpool tank with more efficient.

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