The relation between wort boiling and wort gravity

helen 2017-07-31

The relation between wort boiling and wort gravity

During boiling, the wort gravity would be increased with water evaporating. Traditionally, the wort is boiled based on atmospheric pressure 100℃. The final boiling quality is valuated by observing the wort rolling and boiling intensity. If the evaporating amount reaches 8%-10% of total wort amount, it can facilitate protein denaturation and concentration. Therefore, the hot trub forming mainly depends on boiling intensity. Besides, the water evaporating can reduce the harmful substance in malt, wort and hop.

The more vigorous the boiling is, the quicker the water evaporates. But, evaporating means consuming lots of energy. So, we should avoid excessive boiling and evaporating as far as possible and try best to recycle the hot energy of steam. In addition, the more the water evaporates, the more the brewing water will be used for sparing. When boiling finishing, the wort gravity can increase by 1-2°P.

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