Some questions about the PLC control in Microbrewery Equipment

helen 2018-03-16

Some questions about the PLC control in Microbrewery Equipment

Now in a brewery, more and more brew masters would like to have a PLC control. It can save some recipe and also have a mashing temperature and time automatically.
Here are some questions about the PLC control in a microbrewery.

1. Question: I know I asked for a Siemens touch screen and PLC but I want to get a few other prices and options also. Can you supply Alan Bradley or Schnider?
-Can I get a price on an Alan Bradley Touch Screen & PLC?
-Can I get a price on a Schnider Touch Screen & PLC?

Sorry so far we can only use the Siemens. It is not a consideration of cost but we are already very experienced to use Siemens touch screen and PLC to make the programs. It is also used a lot in the beer brewing field. So if use another new brand,  it will be much difficult for us. The program will be made newly. So sorry so far we can only use Siemens.

2. Question: Can you send me model numbers of the PLC’s, touch screens, etc. you would use and how many outputs and inputs these have?
PLC is S7-1200. Touch screen is KTP1200

3. Question: Would there also be an option to have PLC and then a computer screen and a mouse that can be used to click on the motors to turn them on or off and change speeds instead of having a touch screen? This would also work for me potentially?
It is easier to use a mobile to check the screen content and also click the buttons.

4. Question: How up gradeable are the PLC’s and operating systems?
If I buy more tanks in a few years can these easily be added on?

It is better to add more controls for the expanded tanks at the beginning.

5. Questions: How many outputs
-For RTD module for temperature it has 8 outputs, AI module (for flow meter) has 8 outlets and the DO module( for buttons) has 32 outputs.
             One CPU can allow to have 8 outputs at most.  One RTD/AI/DO module will be considered one output in CPU
For example, when you have two RTD module and one AI module and one DO module.
Then you will have 2*8+1*8+1*32=56 outputs. But they are different functions.
Surly you can have more modules to max 8.

6. Questions: If I want to change to have some automatic valves in the future is this an option?
-It is better to add at the beginning as there will need solenoid valves for each pneumatic valve and also need to connect with compressed air. It will be quite complicated to add more modules and also more these pneumatic valve controls.

7. Questions: Can the operating system and graphics be changed in the future if I wanted to?
-It is possible.

8. Questions: Do I get any software to change the operating system if needed?
-Yes , it  is TaiV14. it is charged by the software supplier.

9. Questions: Do you offer support to fix and minor bugs that the system may have?
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