2000L Brewery in Holland

helen 2017-12-06

2000L Brewery in Holland
when customer make popular beer with our equipment, when customer’s beer business dream come true, that is what really make sense we think as a beer equipment supplier. In June, 2017, yes, another popular 2000L brewery was born in ‘windmills country’,Netherlands. We feel honor for that.
Now, let’s learn the brewery establish process together.

Part 1: Home brewing experience
Many great brewery is usually develop from home brewing. By home brewing, great beer occur, brewing experience is accumulated. When people found one thing is interesting, that is also when sharing and enjoying begin. Hope nice beer could be enjoyed by more people, the idea to open a brewery appeared.
Yes, this is a nice starting.

Part 2: relaxed discussion about brewery project.
This 2000L brewery project is based on two vessel brewhouse with 2000L fermenter. Due to the area limitation, the fermenter angel have to be 75 degree. It make the fermenter a little fat, however, who will not like this little fatty? After configuration is confirmed, the brewery layout design start. For every idea from customer, we will provide two or three idea for customer reference. Bases on number14 brewery drawing, we reach an agreement for brewery installation. Customer is very humor, there is always Smiley face in the email. After two months’ discussion, deal.:-)

Part 3: production and delivery
Production process always make us excited. We will update the production access with customer by photos. At the same time, the customer is also busy with fit up his brewery, and also send us the updated pictures, yes. Everything is going on smoothly. When delivery, we are on the scene and take picture for every equipment delivered to container. We need to make sure everything is sent to customer. Then, the brewery leave for Holland formally!

Part 4 Installation
After our system arrive at the customer’s brewery- Hert bier. Everything is ready, customer put the tank in right site and waiting for our engineer.:-) Engineer arrive, the installation begin! Cheers!

Part 5: brewing and enjoy beer
Hert bier is very popular, customer is very satisfied, that is also what we are glad to see. This is the only mission as a good supplier. The story is still not over, the customer will go far in his business road, and you?

We are always here and ready to provide best equipment for you. Thanks.

2000L Brewery equipment Brewery in Holland
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